How to wash your baby clothes


Learning how to wash clothes is a very important skill. Failure to acquire this skill is not only unhealthy, but also expensive, especially when the washing goes wrong.Fortunately, it is not a very difficult skill to master, for most. However, many people struggle to learn the basics of the washer and the dryer.

There are 8 steps to wash your baby clothes

Step 1: Collect all your soiled clothes from the rooms, or wherever you keep them. Keep in mind to look under your bed. Make sure you find everything.

Step 2: Sort the clothes into piles. There are two important considerations here: what kind of fabric is it (as in sheets, towels, bathrobes, napkins and rags) and what color.

Step 3: Remember, towels and sheets should not be washed together. The top load washing machines should be used for towels, and sheets should be washed in front load machines (They are less harsh on sheets so they come out with fewer wrinkles).

Step 4: Sort the remaining clothes (generally materials such as cotton, linen, synthetic fibers) according to color. All whites should go with only whites (or very light colors if the item has been washed many times). Then put all the reds, pinks, and oranges in a separate pile (never keep this close to the white pile as you will be wearing pink shirts for a long time). Then, depending on how much more you have left, put the other colors together, possibly into a lighter (e.g. grays, yellows, light blues) and a darker pile (blacks, dark blues, browns, greens, purples).

Step 5: Know that each pile is its own load. It is recommended to start with the highest priority pile, usually the one with towels; you need to get them done since they take more time to dry.

Step 6: Top load machines –First turn on and let the water run into the machine, then add 1/2 cup or one of the small plastic cups full of laundry detergent. Put the first pile into the washer. Do not overload the machines!

Step 7: Check all the knobs on the machines to make sure you are washing the clothes the way you are planning to. Use the recommended temperature for various clothes.

Step 8 :Untangle clothing when the washer is done: Shake them out gently, while putting them into a dryer at the recommended temperature, or you can hang them on a clothes rack or clothesline.


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