Some tips to select clothes for toddler

todder clothes

  • Buy unisex clothes when you can. There is no reason why a girl shouldn’t wear boys’ clothes, and they are usually sturdier anyway.
  • Get outdoor clothes on the large side so that extra layers can be worn underneath. As such clothes are often more expensive, the larger size should allow your child to “grow into” it. With items that are worn every day, buy the best quality you can afford; they will last longer and may even be passed on to siblings or friends.
  • Brightly coloured clothes are useful if your toddler wanders off – he’ll be easier to spot in the playground for example.
  • T-shirts can double up as pajamas tops.
  • Buy patterned vests so that they can double up as T-shirts.
  • Put extra buttons on dungaree straps so that they can be gradually lengthened as your child gets taller.
  • Buy clothes with elasticized waistbands and trousers or skirts with shoulder straps so that they can be let down.
  • Avoid “fitted” clothes – your toddler will grow out of them more quickly.
  • Avoid man-made fabrics – they don’t “breathe” like natural fabrics and could make your child uncomfortably hot, especially in summer. Look for natural fabrics such as pure cotton or a fabric with a high cotton content.

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