Which shop should you buy Halloween clothes for your children


Our family dresses up as a group every year, but as the kids get older, it’s more difficult for them to find a theme they can all agree on. As of now, it’s two against one, werewolves over royalty. I’ve thrown out a few ideas that could make both camps happy, and they’ve got a week to figure it out before I get antsy and call it. October is a busy month for us, and as much as I enjoy throwing together last minute costumes the kids aren’t quite as keen. To help keep the peace in our family and yours, I’ve rounded up a long list of group costume ideas. Whether everyone wants to be the pirate or it’s a battle of good shop, there are several themes that will please the lot. You should referee at Babeeni Vietnam Company to choose right Halloween costumes for your children.

BC 259 DR 1036 DR 1096


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