How to select a smocked sheet set for baby

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Selecting baby blanket can be a fun purchase to make before your baby is born. Bedding can form part of a layette, a mixture of clothing and bedding for a new baby.

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Although you can now buy baby sleeping bags for newborn babies, most parents start off with cotton sheets and cotton cellular blankets. They are easy to layer and keep your baby at the right temperature: you can simply add or take away a blanket if your baby is too hot or too cold. You could also cut and hem sheets from an adult bed if you don’t want to buy sheets especially for a cot.

A good smocked baby sheet will be breathable; keeping the baby warm is only one of the primary purposes of a baby blanket. The other purpose is to keep the baby swaddled tightly. Some baby blankets also have a covering at the top for the head, which helps keep the baby from losing heat from the one location on the body where most heat is lost.

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If your baby’s bedroom is very cold, you can use acrylic cellular baby blankets rather than cotton ones, which wash well. If you buy traditional wool blankets, check to see if they can be machine-washed. Polyester fleece blankets are widely available too and are very useful for the pram on a cold day but they may make your baby too hot.


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