Some models of smocked pajamas for UK baby from Babeeni

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Smocked pajamas is good for baby at night, your baby will have a comfortable sleeping. You can find many designs about smocked pajamas for UK’s baby at Babeeni and you feel satisfied with them.

smocked baby pajamas

At Babeeni, there are many smocked pajamas patterns you can comfortable choice for baby. Smocked pajamas are cute and comfortable when your girl wears at night. Some smoked pattern insert on smocked girl clothes such as flower, leave, tree, animal, juice…However, in UK, they like simple patterns such as geometric, hem, zigzag…You should choose smocked pajamas larger girl’s body to she feel comfortable when sleeping.

Begin by selecting smocked clothes that will be comfortable for your baby. Look for smocked outfits made from cotton fabrics that are easy on their very delicate skin and avoid those that are made of stiffer materials. Watch out for thick seams on the inside that can cause itchiness that is very uncomfortable for your baby’s skin. You should also choose smocked baby clothing that are roomy enough to facilitate your baby’s movement and physical development.

Here are some models of smocked pajamas for UK baby:

Pink Smocked Girl PajamasPJ 013

PJ 013

 Feature:  Smocked pajama, short sleeves, beautiful hand-smocked embroidered patterns on both front and back side, round collar

 Material: Peach pink plain

Technology: Hand smocked

Boys geometric pajamasPJ 020

PJ 020

Feature: Smocked pajama, long sleeves, beautiful hand embroidered patterns on two pockets.

 Material: Blue gingham

 Technology: Hand smocked


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