How to keep baby’s sleep safely with smocked baby blanket (part 2)

Keeping baby’s sleep safely is important problem for parents, smocked baby blanket will help parents feel satisfied when using for baby. Here are some tips keeping baby’s sleep safely with smocked baby blanket.

SS 008

  • Baby’s sleeping area should be separate from the place where everyone else sleeps. Make sure that the baby does not sleep on couch, sofas, armchair or any bed with other children. Crib is the best place for a baby to sleep.
  • Always use fitted sheets of exact size as mattress and tuck the entire smocked baby blanket in. you must not use sleep position wedges, bumper pads or pillows inside the crib.
  • While breastfeeding, put the baby in a separate sleep area that can be a crib, bassinet cradle, which is attached to the bedside once you finish feeding. You can use clean and fresh pacifiers while putting the baby back to sleep, if they accept, otherwise don’t force them.

SS 003B

  • Baby’s room temperature must be maintained within 68 degree F and 75 degree F. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature.
  • Keep any cigarette or smoke away from babies. Don’t place your baby in a room full of smoke, which may lead to suffocation.
  • Baby’s crib should be kept away from any kind of heat vent or source of warm or cold air. To prevent the baby from getting overheated, it is better to use layered clothing. The baby should not be overdressed while sleeping.

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