3 warnings when buying clothes for children

Posted On May 31, 2014

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When you buy clothes for children, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for before heading to the store. Children’s departments offer a broad variety of colors and styles from which to choose. This is 3 warnings when buying clothes for children:



  • Never buy newborn clothes for a baby that has already been delivered. Newborns double in size during the first few weeks of their lives, so clothes labeled “newborn” are only useful for a very brief time. Giving the expectant parents newborn clothing is appropriate up until the baby is born, at which point any size under 12 months is just fine.
  • When selecting clothes, pay attention to the care instructions on the label. Children over 10 can be expected to be more responsible and careful with their clothing than toddlers and infants. Try to focus on clothes that are easy to care for and will not show stains clearly, such as dark colors and very bright shades instead of pastels.
  • Many people disregard the child’s preferences when buying baby clothes. This can lead to the child refusing to wear those clothes or purposefully defacing them. The child’s preferences should always be taken into consideration unless the clothing is for a formal event requiring a strict dress code.

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