7 basic steps to care for infant (part 1)

Posted On June 13, 2014

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Infants are small, helpless, needful newborns and need their parents or caregivers to take care of them. They need a lot of attention. Sometimes, providing that care as a new parent or caregiver can seem daunting. Take a deep breath, it gets easier once you learn about your infants basic needs and how to provide for them.


Eating is pretty much a new infant’s favorite way to spend “a wake time”. Newborns grow very quickly and have a need to consume milk, either from a breast or bottle, to help support and sustain that growth. Breast milk or formula is a choice each parent should make before a newborn arrives so they can be prepared with the appropriate knowledge and equipment that will be needed to feed a newborn. Make sure to ask the nursing staff or a lactation consultant if you need help feeding your infant before leaving the hospital.


Dirtying up diapers is the result of all that eating! Plus, it’s a good indication that your infant is getting enough nutrients and formula. Each baby should have about 8-10 wet and/or dirty diapers a day through the first six weeks of life. After about six to eight weeks you may see this decrease to between 4-6 wet diapers a day, and some baby’s may only have a bowel movement once every week or two! Make sure you are prepared with some diapers before your newborn arrives; pull them out of the pack and familiarize yourself with the way the diaper goes on and closes. Be prepared for “accidents” when you’re still getting use to changing your baby.


Bathing an infant everyday is not necessary. Since most newborns do not get down on the floor and crawl around in dirt, bathing is not essential to everyday care. However, it is a good idea to give your infant a wipe down just to ensure baby is clean and sanitary. A gentle bath at night before bed may help an infant relax and sleep better.

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