Mix clothes for baby boy with smocked shirt

Smocked shirt is indispensable in baby’s wardrobe. Smocked boy shirt make baby so lovely and dynamic, it is easy to mix clothes. Today, I will share some ways to mix baby boy clothes with smocked shirts.

BC 433

Pairing boy smocked shirt with jean

It is just simple way but effective way mothers can use. Little boy will look so active and lovely. You can add a sport shoes and cute hat for this outfit, I am sure that your baby looks so strong and dynamic.


Combining with pant

Kid smocked shirt can mix with pants. This is popular mixing clothes way for baby. They will look comfortable but still cute. You can base on colors of smocked shirts and pants to mix the perfect outfits for kid.And remember to add some accessories such as glass, hat… children will be more attractive.

BC 373

Combining with short

Shorts are clothes that every boy has. Let wear a short with smocked shirt for little boy. With this mixing way, baby can play and jump freely and he will act easily. He will look very active and snappy. You can add a sport shoes and cute hat to make him be lovelier.

BC 432

You can mix smocked shirt and short for baby when going picnic, going out or staying home, they are also ok!

I have shared you some ways to wear smocked shirt. Hope that information is useful for you!

Thanks for reading!

Babeeni team!

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