4 Experiences to buy outfits for boy (Part 1)

Posted On September 6, 2014

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BC 001

You can easily buy cute outfits for girls but for boys, it will be more difficult. Many parents wonder about selecting outfits for baby boy. Today, I will share with you some experiences when buying boy outfit.

  1. You should choose lightweight and soft fabric

As you knew, boys are always hyperactive, so, they usually sweat. Therefore, you should choose boy clothes with lightweight and soft fabrics because they absorb sweat and allow air to pass through easily. They will feel comfortable and easy to act when wearing.

BC 467 (138)

You should choose fabric such as cotton, cotton-silk, linen… They are less likely to cause allergies and rashes for children. They are easy to launder and will be soft against baby’s skin.

  1. You should choose simple style

When selecting clothes for children, you need consider not only the beauty but also the comfort and safety for children. You should choose simple style because they will make children feel comfortable when acting. Outfits with large buttons, stylized zippers look beautiful but difficult for baby to wear and children can be scratched skin by them.

BC 432

You should choose simple style with wide form so that children can easily run and play. Smocked boy outfits such as smocked boy longalls, smocked boy shortalls, smocked shirt, smocked boy suits, pants… are good suggestion for mothers because they are not only stylish but also comfortable for children.

What are next experiences? Please wait and read next part to find useful information!

Thanks for your concerning!

Amy from Babeeni team!



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