Big pomotion: Golden chance

Get big promotion when buying children clothing at Babeeni, you can have Golden chance 16% off from October 6th to 10th. Read more details below:

Golden Chance

From October 6th to10th   2014, with MOQ 200 pieces (50 pieces per design/color and 10 pieces per size), you will get one of promotions as:

16% off + 2% off Fast pay bonus

Apply for:

–         French knot collection

–         Knit wear

Large order promotion for other products (appliqué, plain clothing) as:

* Order of 500 – 999 pcs or sets                    : 3% OFF

* Order of 1000 – 1499 pcs or sets                 : 5% OFF

* Order of 1500 – 1999 pcs or sets                 : 7% OFF

* Order of 2000 pcs or sets and over               : 10% OFF

Do not apply for:

– Order under MOQ: (not enough: 200pcs / order, 50pcs per design per color, 10pcs per size).

– Sample order

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information.

Babeeni team!



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