5 baby clothing care mistake (Part 1)

Caring baby clothing is very important for mothers because baby clothes are so close to baby and baby is very sensitive and vulnerable. Sometime, small mistake when caring children clothes may affect baby health. In this article, I will point to you 8 mistakes mothers always make when caring baby clothing.

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  1. Not washing before wearing clothes for babies

Some parents think that new clothes are clean, so, they don’t wash baby clothes before wearing. However, it is really true! They’ve been handled by lots of people in production and shipping process, those new clothes also could have come into contact with many types of dirt, bugs or rodents.  And new clothing is frequently treated with chemicals to make them hold their shape and look nice on the rack. Children is very sensitive and vulnerable, they will be allergy and discomfort.

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Therefore, it’s a good idea to wash new babies’ clothes before putting them on your baby for the first time. This will remove any stain which can cause baby skin irritation

  1. Ignoring the Tags

Parents are usually busy. So parents toss a full load of toddler clothes in the washer and wash them in the same way. If you do this way, child clothes may get risk of damaging.  Be sure to read the tags so that you can know exactly what baby clothing require. Sorting kid clothes is an important step. Babies clothes which require special caring, need to wash separately. Most of the clothes will need instructions. Let wash clothes according to instruction, especially, pay special attention to water temperature instructions.

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I have given you two first mistakes that mothers always make. Please wait and read the next post on http://www.infant-products.net/ to know more about caring kid clothes!

Thanks for your attention!

Amy from Babeeni team!

Source: http://www.infant-products.net/5-baby-clothing-care-mistake-part-1/

Read part 2 at: http://www.infant-products.net/5-baby-clothing-care-mistake-p2/


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