Four ways to raise car seat safety

Posted On October 14, 2013

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Car seat safety ideas and rules are constantly changing to put crash data to better use. These car seat safety ideas are designed to provide the best protection for your baby in case of a crash, but the constant changes can be confusing for parents. Confusion often leads to car seat safety errors. Take a look at these ten common car seat safety mistakes and then learn how to fix them so baby is as safe as possible in the car.

1. Using a car seat at all

Just because most of today’s adult generation rode around without car seats and lived doesn’t mean this is the best car seat safety practice now. Crash data has shown us that car seats work.

2. Reading car seat instructions careful

The instruction book tells you nearly everything you can or can’t do to use the car seat safely. From where to place the harness height adjuster to when to use the top tether strap and where to place the car seat when installing with LATCH, the instruction book is a wealth of car seat information.

3. Pick the Car Seat with the Prettiest Pattern

It’s nice if your car seat cover matches your car’s interior, but the real key to car seat safety is finding a car seat that matches your car and your baby. Reputable baby products stores should let you test the car seat in your vehicle before buying, or let you return it if it doesn’t work with your car. If you can’t easily install the car seat so that there is less than one inch of wiggle at the belt path, find a new car seat.

4. Using all of the car seat parts

Sometimes you have to re-thread the harness straps or take off the car seat cover. Getting the whole car seat put back together properly is a challenge, but it’s important to get all of the parts back into the car seat correctly without leaving a spare parts pile. I’ve seen car seats used without chest clips and overhead shields and with duct tape or bungee cords where other parts should be. Always use your car seat according to manufacturer’s instructions. Ask for help if you’re stuck!