How to save money on children clothing (Part 1)

Hi everyone! I’m Amy from Babeeni team! As you know baby grows so fast, so, you always have to spend a lot of money on their clothing. So, how to save money on children clothing? That is question of all parents. And today I will discuss some ways to help you save money on children clothes. Let’s read and give me your ideas!

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Just buy necessary children clothing

Before shopping for kid clothing, you should list what clothes children really need and buy follow the list to avoid wasting money on unnecessary clothes. For example, if you baby need a pants, just look for baby pants and never look other clothes. Children clothing stores usually group their latest collections right at the front of the store where you can easily see all of the different pieces together. If you fall in love with a part of the collection, go ahead and buy them – but ignore the other items that are grouped with it. May be the items make baby more adorable but they are not necessary and you will waste a lot of money!

Don’t buy too many sets

If baby clothing is purchased as a set and meant to go together, neither part of the set can be pair with another bottom or top, it will be difficult to mix and match. Therefore, you might not get as much as you intended. You should look for mixing and matching lines which can easily interchange. Combining them together by any way, you will have new choice for children. And you don’t need buy too many new clothes for children. It is so easy and saving!

I have given you two first tips to help you save money on children clothing. Do you want to know more useful experiences? Let wait for the next part and continue finding!

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5 baby clothing care mistake (Part 1)

Caring baby clothing is very important for mothers because baby clothes are so close to baby and baby is very sensitive and vulnerable. Sometime, small mistake when caring children clothes may affect baby health. In this article, I will point to you 8 mistakes mothers always make when caring baby clothing.

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  1. Not washing before wearing clothes for babies

Some parents think that new clothes are clean, so, they don’t wash baby clothes before wearing. However, it is really true! They’ve been handled by lots of people in production and shipping process, those new clothes also could have come into contact with many types of dirt, bugs or rodents.  And new clothing is frequently treated with chemicals to make them hold their shape and look nice on the rack. Children is very sensitive and vulnerable, they will be allergy and discomfort.

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Therefore, it’s a good idea to wash new babies’ clothes before putting them on your baby for the first time. This will remove any stain which can cause baby skin irritation

  1. Ignoring the Tags

Parents are usually busy. So parents toss a full load of toddler clothes in the washer and wash them in the same way. If you do this way, child clothes may get risk of damaging.  Be sure to read the tags so that you can know exactly what baby clothing require. Sorting kid clothes is an important step. Babies clothes which require special caring, need to wash separately. Most of the clothes will need instructions. Let wash clothes according to instruction, especially, pay special attention to water temperature instructions.

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I have given you two first mistakes that mothers always make. Please wait and read the next post on to know more about caring kid clothes!

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Mix clothes for baby boy with smocked shirt

Smocked shirt is indispensable in baby’s wardrobe. Smocked boy shirt make baby so lovely and dynamic, it is easy to mix clothes. Today, I will share some ways to mix baby boy clothes with smocked shirts.

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Pairing boy smocked shirt with jean

It is just simple way but effective way mothers can use. Little boy will look so active and lovely. You can add a sport shoes and cute hat for this outfit, I am sure that your baby looks so strong and dynamic.


Combining with pant

Kid smocked shirt can mix with pants. This is popular mixing clothes way for baby. They will look comfortable but still cute. You can base on colors of smocked shirts and pants to mix the perfect outfits for kid.And remember to add some accessories such as glass, hat… children will be more attractive.

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Combining with short

Shorts are clothes that every boy has. Let wear a short with smocked shirt for little boy. With this mixing way, baby can play and jump freely and he will act easily. He will look very active and snappy. You can add a sport shoes and cute hat to make him be lovelier.

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You can mix smocked shirt and short for baby when going picnic, going out or staying home, they are also ok!

I have shared you some ways to wear smocked shirt. Hope that information is useful for you!

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3 warnings when buying clothes for children

Posted On May 31, 2014

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When you buy clothes for children, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for before heading to the store. Children’s departments offer a broad variety of colors and styles from which to choose. This is 3 warnings when buying clothes for children:



  • Never buy newborn clothes for a baby that has already been delivered. Newborns double in size during the first few weeks of their lives, so clothes labeled “newborn” are only useful for a very brief time. Giving the expectant parents newborn clothing is appropriate up until the baby is born, at which point any size under 12 months is just fine.
  • When selecting clothes, pay attention to the care instructions on the label. Children over 10 can be expected to be more responsible and careful with their clothing than toddlers and infants. Try to focus on clothes that are easy to care for and will not show stains clearly, such as dark colors and very bright shades instead of pastels.
  • Many people disregard the child’s preferences when buying baby clothes. This can lead to the child refusing to wear those clothes or purposefully defacing them. The child’s preferences should always be taken into consideration unless the clothing is for a formal event requiring a strict dress code.

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How to wash children smocked clothing (part 2)

Posted On April 24, 2014

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Continue reading part 2 of my post and add more information about ways to wash children smocked clothing for parents.


Because it is better to utilize a mild soap upon baby clothes because these types of clothes goods are usually much more sensitive, it is advisable to before deal with your own small children smocked clothing having a spot therapy prior to cleaning. Carrying this out will help you to emerge the actual unavoidable staining which will come in the actual clothes also it indicates you will not have to utilize severe liquids on the clothing. Be sure to see the back side of the actual spot eliminator you utilize to make sure that it really is secure with regard to kids clothing and they will not harm the actual clothing.

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Whenever cleaning your smocked baby outfits, you must also be familiar with the actual temperatures from the drinking water which you utilize. Ensure that you usually clean white-colored costume along with warm water as well as darkish clothing along with awesome drinking water so that your products avoid reduce or even maintain harm. Whenever you dried out your children smocked clothing, attempt to suspend dried out the things if at all possible. This can lengthen the life span from the clothes products. This might create drying out the actual clothing an extended procedure however it could keep all of them more secures.

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Taking care of kid’s clothes is not any more than cleaning as well as drying out their own clothes possibly; additional aspects that needs to be thought to ensure that clothes products can last for a long period. Keeping your own small children smocked clothing is essential too. Ensure that you utilize individual hangers whenever dangling the actual clothing so that they do not get extended or even harmed. These types of simple points can help maintain your kids clothing powerful as well as long lasting in order to harm which means these things may have a lengthy living in front of all of them.


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How to wash children smocked clothing (part 1)

Posted On April 24, 2014

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Washing the children smocked clothing is an important job. Washing thechildren smocked clothing in a washing machine requires sorting out of the clothes. Here are few tips of washing them.


Any kind of mother or father will begin to find that taking care of children’s clothes are greater compared to taking care of mature clothes. Specially, children smocked clothing take care more and more carefully. The reason being your own children smocked clothing are not just usually made from various components compared to mature clothes are, however youngsters are additionally much more difficult on the clothes compared to grownups tend to be.

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Since many moms and dads understand, kid’s fork out a lot of your time operating as well as actively playing within their clothing, which frequently implies that clothing, is very easily harmed. Luckily, there are some actions that you can follow like a mother or father to ensure that you might be correctly looking after your own kids clothing.

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The very first thing you need to perform is actually provide a kid his / her personal hinder so that you can very easily type your children smocked clothes through the remaining household’s clothes. This can allow it to be simple for you to definitely clean their own clothes along with mild liquids which will maintain their own clothing last longer in bed. Before you begin cleaning your own baby smocked clothing check with regard to gaps, holes or even reduce seams very first as well as repair this stuff prior to cleaning the actual clothing. This can assist in preventing bigger gaps or even problems through developing. Usually see the tag on the kids outfits. Often, smocked baby clothing or even child clothes will have to become hands cleaned.


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How to keep smocked boys longall looking new

Smocked boy longall is kind of popular boy clothes, beautiful and good for boy baby but to care them is quite difficult for keep them always looking new. By taking a few tips in your laundry routine, you can keep smocked boy longall looking good.

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  • Washing smocked girl dresses preferably with a mild detergent or soap. Strong detergents are very harsh on baby clothes which make clothes rough. It is also very difficult to get rid of detergent completely from your baby’s outfits.
  • Try to wash smocked boy longall by hand, it will help to keep soft smocked boy outfits and help baby to stay comfortable when wears them.
  • Avoid washing your smocked children clothes with other’s clothes. Always wash these clothes separately as adult’s clothes may contain germs which may get transferred to your smocked boy suits.
  • Make sure to that the detergent or soap is washed completely off from your smocked baby outfits.
  • Try to dry your smocked baby’s clothing in the sun. This way of drying baby clothes will ensure that germs and bacteria in clothes are killed completely.
  • Soaking your girl smocked clothes in warm water before washing. It will help to remove the dirt from smocked baby outfits easily.
  • Keep your baby’s clothing in clean bag or wrap it in a clean cloth after washing and drying them. This practice will ensure that your baby’s clothes remain germ and dirt free till the next use.

That is necessary advices you should do to keep smocked boy longall always looking new. Your girl baby will like wearing them and often feel worn new smocked boy outfits.

Some tips get out of stain on smocked children’s clothes

Smocked children’s clothes are important baby clothes and it always need keep clear. It is easily dirty since your baby often crawls, obstreperous, so you need know ways remove stain on them.

smocked children's clothes

That smocked children’s clothes always get stain. Now I will show you effective way to remove it from smocked baby clothing

Fresh cream stains on smocked bubble should be soaked and agitated in cold water before washing. If smocked bubbles stains have dried, scrape or brush off any crusted matter. Soak for up to several hours in cold water with a detergent or an enzyme presoak (which breaks down protein-based stains like egg, grass and blood so your detergent can work more effectively). Launder your smocked dress in warm water.


If the stain remains on children dresses, soak an additional 30 minutes and rewash. If a colored stain remains, launder with bleach safe for the fabric.

When stain is on smocked pattern on smocked baby clothing it is hard tanks to remove them so you should take more effort to remove them. Be patience!

How to remove food stains on baby smocked dresses

Girl baby often let tough stains on her smocked dresses, the most common stains on baby smocked clothes are foods. Food stains are not difficult to remove. It is best if you treat the stain as soon as possible. You could use liquid detergents in washing the stained area. You can follow below steps:


  • Soak girl smocked dresses in plain water first before adding the detergent. You also can use products with enzymes to help break down the food stain. These organisms will digest the food of the stain.
  • If the stain is disappeared, you could treat the kid clothes with an all-purpose stain remover and spray the remover and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, throw it in the washer under regular cycle.
  • You have to determine the kind of stain on smocked clothing. Sorting the laundry would allow you to know what garments are stained with protein, grease, or juices. Put in various basins/baskets clothes with same stains and same quality of fabric. This would make clothes cleaner and live longer.

On the other hand, reformulated organic detergents to wash smocked dresses for babies are now available in the market. If you’d want the safest products to use for your children and the environment, you should make a switch to eco-friendly cleaners. These all-natural soaps are 3x more concentrated compared to regular detergents; hence they could effectively remove stains of all sorts. Now that’s a greener option for your baby!

Way to make a smocked dress for girl

If you want to give a gift by sewing kid clothes for your kids, smocked dresses are the most versatile and simple of all styles. One pattern can create an entire wardrobe for kids. Novices need the instructions and can achieve the same goal.


You need to understand sizing of smocked dresses for a baby. Patterns and clothing usually cover a range of months. You have to choose the pattern range that best fits the age of the child you are sewing for. The rule for sizing of smocked baby clothes is to purchase or make clothing that can be grown into.

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The first pattern option you choose to make smocked dresses is a pre-made pattern. These are best suited for sewers who are inexperienced, or for sewers who are uncomfortable with or unable to make a pattern by hand. Your second option to make smocked dresses for girl is making a pattern freehand, with a pencil and a paper bag.

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Cut the paper bag open and lay it out flat. Lay the baby on the bag so that the shoulders and below are on the bag. Gently extend the baby’s arms out to the sides and outline them from shoulder to wrist. Next, gently extend the baby’s legs and outline from the armpits to the ankles. When you are finished, cut away the excess paper. Separate the sleeves from the dress portion.

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