6 girls smocked dresses that every baby girl likes (Part 1)

Any little girl always would like to wear beautiful dresses, so girls smocked dresses are always great gifts for angels. Today, I will introduce to mothers 6 smocked dresses that every baby girl wants to have. Are you ready to read and get interesting information?

DR 1766

  1. Rosalina smocked dress

DR 1596

Little girls smocked dress with nice design will be wonderful gift for your angels. Lovely geometric and pink flower hand smocked on the chest create highlight for baby smocked dress. Peter pan collar with flower make dress more beautiful and gentle. Two cute pockets make dress more attractive and children will love them very much. Short sleeve and buttons at back help baby be easy to put on and take off. With lime green gingham, baby looks so cool and fresh.

  1. Smocked pumpkin dress

DR 1729

Girls Smocked pumpkin dress is also nice design that every little girls likes. Lovely pumpkin train hand smocked around the neck makes smocked bishop dress so attractive. Children will look so perky in orange gingham material. With wide form design, children can be comfortable in movement.

  1. Son and yoke smocked dress

DR 1630



Lovely smocked maxi dress is special design for sweet girls. Colorful flowers hand smocked pattern on the chest and adorable ties at back make girl dress so lovely. Small pink chevron will turn your girl into candy girl, she will look so beautiful and sweet.

What are the next designs? Please wait and read the next post to catch nice baby girls smocked dresses!

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4 Experiences to buy outfits for boy (Part 1)

Posted On September 6, 2014

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BC 001

You can easily buy cute outfits for girls but for boys, it will be more difficult. Many parents wonder about selecting outfits for baby boy. Today, I will share with you some experiences when buying boy outfit.

  1. You should choose lightweight and soft fabric

As you knew, boys are always hyperactive, so, they usually sweat. Therefore, you should choose boy clothes with lightweight and soft fabrics because they absorb sweat and allow air to pass through easily. They will feel comfortable and easy to act when wearing.

BC 467 (138)

You should choose fabric such as cotton, cotton-silk, linen… They are less likely to cause allergies and rashes for children. They are easy to launder and will be soft against baby’s skin.

  1. You should choose simple style

When selecting clothes for children, you need consider not only the beauty but also the comfort and safety for children. You should choose simple style because they will make children feel comfortable when acting. Outfits with large buttons, stylized zippers look beautiful but difficult for baby to wear and children can be scratched skin by them.

BC 432

You should choose simple style with wide form so that children can easily run and play. Smocked boy outfits such as smocked boy longalls, smocked boy shortalls, smocked shirt, smocked boy suits, pants… are good suggestion for mothers because they are not only stylish but also comfortable for children.

What are next experiences? Please wait and read next part to find useful information!

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Mix clothes for baby boy with smocked shirt

Smocked shirt is indispensable in baby’s wardrobe. Smocked boy shirt make baby so lovely and dynamic, it is easy to mix clothes. Today, I will share some ways to mix baby boy clothes with smocked shirts.

BC 433

Pairing boy smocked shirt with jean

It is just simple way but effective way mothers can use. Little boy will look so active and lovely. You can add a sport shoes and cute hat for this outfit, I am sure that your baby looks so strong and dynamic.


Combining with pant

Kid smocked shirt can mix with pants. This is popular mixing clothes way for baby. They will look comfortable but still cute. You can base on colors of smocked shirts and pants to mix the perfect outfits for kid.And remember to add some accessories such as glass, hat… children will be more attractive.

BC 373

Combining with short

Shorts are clothes that every boy has. Let wear a short with smocked shirt for little boy. With this mixing way, baby can play and jump freely and he will act easily. He will look very active and snappy. You can add a sport shoes and cute hat to make him be lovelier.

BC 432

You can mix smocked shirt and short for baby when going picnic, going out or staying home, they are also ok!

I have shared you some ways to wear smocked shirt. Hope that information is useful for you!

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6 steps to sew girl smocked dresses

If you want to give a gift by sewing baby clothes for your kids, girl smocked dresses are the most versatile and simple of all styles. One pattern can create an entire wardrobe for kids. Novices need the instructions and can achieve the same goal.


Step 1: You need to understand sizing of smocked baby clothes for a baby.

Patterns and clothing usually cover a range of months. You have to choose the pattern range that best fits the age of the child you are sewing for. The rule for sizing of smocked baby dresses is to purchase or make clothing that can be grown into.

Step 2: The first pattern option you choose to make smocked dresses is a pre-made pattern.

These are best suited for sewers who are inexperienced, or for sewers who are uncomfortable with or unable to make a pattern by hand. Your second option to make smocked baby suits is making a pattern freehand, with a pencil and a paper bag. Cut the paper bag open and lay it out flat. Lay the baby on the bag so that the shoulders and below are on the bag. Gently extend the baby’s arms out to the sides and outline them from shoulder to wrist. Next, gently extend the baby’s legs and outline from the armpits to the ankles. When you are finished, cut away the excess paper. Separate the sleeves from the dress portion.


Step 3: Lay out your fabric of Rosalina smocked dresses.

Fold your fabric in half and pin the pattern to the fabric. Pin the sleeves to the fabric, placing the length of them on the fold if possible.

Step 4: Cut out the smocked clothes.

The pattern you made follows the shape of the baby, so you will want excess fabric to make the dress billow and fold properly. Cut out the sleeves as well. For pre-made patterns, you will need to follow the line marked for the size you intend to make.

Step 5: Assemble the Rosalina smocked dresses.

Turn the fabric inside out and sew the pieces of the dress together. Attach the sleeves by placing them right sides together with the rest of the dress. Stitch the elastic to the ends of the sleeves. Fold the neck piece under and hem it. Hem the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. When you hem the bottom of the dress, you can choose the length of the dress.

LD 017 LD 017a

Step 6: Add embellishments

You should choose embellishments without making any choking hazards.

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7 basic steps to care for infant (part 1)

Posted On June 13, 2014

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Infants are small, helpless, needful newborns and need their parents or caregivers to take care of them. They need a lot of attention. Sometimes, providing that care as a new parent or caregiver can seem daunting. Take a deep breath, it gets easier once you learn about your infants basic needs and how to provide for them.


Eating is pretty much a new infant’s favorite way to spend “a wake time”. Newborns grow very quickly and have a need to consume milk, either from a breast or bottle, to help support and sustain that growth. Breast milk or formula is a choice each parent should make before a newborn arrives so they can be prepared with the appropriate knowledge and equipment that will be needed to feed a newborn. Make sure to ask the nursing staff or a lactation consultant if you need help feeding your infant before leaving the hospital.


Dirtying up diapers is the result of all that eating! Plus, it’s a good indication that your infant is getting enough nutrients and formula. Each baby should have about 8-10 wet and/or dirty diapers a day through the first six weeks of life. After about six to eight weeks you may see this decrease to between 4-6 wet diapers a day, and some baby’s may only have a bowel movement once every week or two! Make sure you are prepared with some diapers before your newborn arrives; pull them out of the pack and familiarize yourself with the way the diaper goes on and closes. Be prepared for “accidents” when you’re still getting use to changing your baby.


Bathing an infant everyday is not necessary. Since most newborns do not get down on the floor and crawl around in dirt, bathing is not essential to everyday care. However, it is a good idea to give your infant a wipe down just to ensure baby is clean and sanitary. A gentle bath at night before bed may help an infant relax and sleep better.

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How to help shy children to be confident

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Helping shy children come out of their shell can be difficult and needs to be handled delicately, especially if your child suffers from social anxiety.


Shyness is a very normal characteristic of early childhood – after all, the world’s a big place when you’re small. For some, shyness will be shed as they grow older and gain confidence. For others it will remain a long-term trait, right into adulthood.

Shyness may be caused by a combination of factors but commonly it will have been passed on to a child by their parents. It may also be shaped by other sorts of parental attitudes – where they are overprotective, for example – and other family relationships, such as those with domineering siblings.

You can do a lot of practical things to help gently encourage a shy child to be more outgoing. I’d suggest doing it very gradually, though, starting by inviting one friend over for half an hour at home, then moving to more friends, more time and then outside the home. We all have hopes for our children based on our own regrets, so it can be a difficult thing for a shy parent to have a shy child. The thing to remember is that the majority of children will find their way through all of this with a bit of guidance and good mentors.


For instance, if you accept it as a given and let the child go nowhere and do nothing (where you hear a parent say, ‘Oh, they don’t do that kind of thing because they’re shy’, for example) then you could be facilitating the shyness into a real barrier to life opportunities. Better to acknowledge that the child is shy – and therefore less likely to run head first into new, demanding social situations – and give them gentle support and encouragement to help them discover that these things may be enjoyable once they’ve tried them.

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3 warnings when buying clothes for children

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When you buy clothes for children, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for before heading to the store. Children’s departments offer a broad variety of colors and styles from which to choose. This is 3 warnings when buying clothes for children:



  • Never buy newborn clothes for a baby that has already been delivered. Newborns double in size during the first few weeks of their lives, so clothes labeled “newborn” are only useful for a very brief time. Giving the expectant parents newborn clothing is appropriate up until the baby is born, at which point any size under 12 months is just fine.
  • When selecting clothes, pay attention to the care instructions on the label. Children over 10 can be expected to be more responsible and careful with their clothing than toddlers and infants. Try to focus on clothes that are easy to care for and will not show stains clearly, such as dark colors and very bright shades instead of pastels.
  • Many people disregard the child’s preferences when buying baby clothes. This can lead to the child refusing to wear those clothes or purposefully defacing them. The child’s preferences should always be taken into consideration unless the clothing is for a formal event requiring a strict dress code.

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Some tips to buy smocked baby clothing for toddlers

Buyingsmocked baby clothing for toddlers can seem to be a fun filled activity. Dressing their little baby in stylish clothing is one of the favorite activities amongst mothers. To solve your problem given below are some vital tips to buy smocked baby clothingfor toddlers.


Before going to shopping, know the size of smocked baby clothing for your toddler. As toddlers grow fast, take a look at their present clothing. If the present clothes of your child seem to be getting tight, buy a size or two bigger this time.

DR 1540BC 412

While buying children smocked clothing for toddlers, choose the ones, which offer features that allow children to grow without growing out of their clothes. For instance, buying Babeeni.com is a smart choice for growing toddlers with many kinds of smocked baby outfits such as: girls smocked dresses, smocked bubbles, smocked boy suits… The same holds true for elastic waistbands that can expand with your child.

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How many baby smocked clothing which infants need?

Choosing baby smocked clothing is an interesting job for pregnant women. However for the first time become mother, they will feel confused because they do not know what exactly their babies need and how many items are enough. Here are some kinds of baby smocked clothing infants need.

images (3)

For the time of new born, baby will grow quickly, his body chances day by day. So, if you buy a lot of baby clothes, may be, there are some items even he would never wear before they become so tight.

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What do you make gift ideas for Mother’s day

A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands. But a mother’s love endures through all.


Mother’s Day is a celebration of all mothers and of the everlasting bond that all mothers share with the children. A mothers selfless love is the epitome of all feelings that one human being can feel for the other. We often wish to do everything we can to express the depth of our feelings for our mothers. One way of doing so is by adding a personal touch to the preparations and to the gifts.


Homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas are a definitive solution to a successful celebration. Here is a collection of Mother’s Day crafts and gift ideas that are sure to inspire kids to make their mom something special!


A scrapbook for your mother


One of the most creative and thoughtful gifts is a scrapbook. It is also an unusual yet practical Mother’s Day gifts. It all depends on the ideas that one brings the basic concept of scrap booking. The first step in making a scrapbook for your mother is deciding on a theme. Once that is decided, the next step is arranging for the materials that would go in to making this idea a success. These are, in no particular order, photographs, thoughts, poems or anecdotes, decorative things like glitter, colored paper and the album or frame in which the scrapbook would take shape.

Mother’s Day Homemade Candles

chỉ mục

Discover the artist in you to make homemade candles or decorate store-bought candles for a really beautiful gift on Mother’s Day. The decorations include adding other accessories to the candles, or beautifying them with embellishments or spray painting the candles and so on. The hand crafted gift of candles will take a centre stage among all other decorative in your home.

Hand Designed Pillow for Your Mother

You and your mother are sure to reminisce this Mothers Day for a long time to come. You can do that by dressing up a pillow with a picture of you and/or your mom or painting it with a picturesque design or adding lace and ribbons to it. Let your creative juices flow and the result would be a happy mother and a very happy you.


A Delicious Mother’s Day Celebration

Bake a delicious cake for her on Mother’s Day. Make sure to decorate it nicely and write your message on it. Organize a Mother’s Day party or get-to-gether for her. This can be done easily with a little planning and effort. You can prepare the meal or take someone help in doing so. Be careful about the atmosphere as much as the food and the setting.

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