How to save money on children clothing (Part 1)

Hi everyone! I’m Amy from Babeeni team! As you know baby grows so fast, so, you always have to spend a lot of money on their clothing. So, how to save money on children clothing? That is question of all parents. And today I will discuss some ways to help you save money on children clothes. Let’s read and give me your ideas!

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Just buy necessary children clothing

Before shopping for kid clothing, you should list what clothes children really need and buy follow the list to avoid wasting money on unnecessary clothes. For example, if you baby need a pants, just look for baby pants and never look other clothes. Children clothing stores usually group their latest collections right at the front of the store where you can easily see all of the different pieces together. If you fall in love with a part of the collection, go ahead and buy them – but ignore the other items that are grouped with it. May be the items make baby more adorable but they are not necessary and you will waste a lot of money!

Don’t buy too many sets

If baby clothing is purchased as a set and meant to go together, neither part of the set can be pair with another bottom or top, it will be difficult to mix and match. Therefore, you might not get as much as you intended. You should look for mixing and matching lines which can easily interchange. Combining them together by any way, you will have new choice for children. And you don’t need buy too many new clothes for children. It is so easy and saving!

I have given you two first tips to help you save money on children clothing. Do you want to know more useful experiences? Let wait for the next part and continue finding!

Thanks for reading!

Amy from Babeeni team!

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How to dress for baby in Christmas? (Part 1)

Parents always want their children to be the most attractive in the crowd. In this Christmas, what do mothers wear for angels? In this article, I will discuss with you about how to dress for baby in Christmas. Please read and get interesting information!

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Christmas is always hot topic for designers, so, there are many designs of clothes for children. You will have a wide range of choice. However, when dress for baby, you need to keep basic thing in mind.

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First of all, you need to dress for baby clothes which are safe and comfortable. So, a baby clothing with cotton fabric should be priority since it is soft and safe for angels. You should choose fit right children clothes that make baby feel comfortable and easy to in movement. Don’t dress baby clothes with too many decorative details as they may cause potential hazards for baby.

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Christmas is time of year when the weather gets colder, therefore, you should choose child clothes with long pants, long dresses, long sleeves… to keep baby warm.


Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the year. There are many events or party in this holiday. Therefore, when dressing for baby, you need to choose toddler clothes stick with the theme of the event.

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Color is one of the interested things when dressing Christmas clothes for children. You can choose red color- traditional color of Christmas or other colors such as: pink, blue, white, green… Let wear colorful outfit so that they can stand out in the crowd!

These are some tips I want to share with you. Let wait for the next part and discover more interesting information!

Thanks for your attention!

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