DR 1924BB263a

Lovely anchor smocked bishop dress – DR 1924

Feature: So lovely smocked bishop dress for little girl on Independence Day with anchor hand smocked pattern around the neck, buttons at back for easy dressing. Children will look so adorable and beautiful when wearing. Navy big stripe seersucker is so suitable for the 4th of July. With 100% cotton, baby will feel so comfortable in dress!

Supply type: OEM service

Technic: Hand smocked

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Way to make a smocked dress for girl

If you want to give a gift by sewing kid clothes for your kids, smocked dresses are the most versatile and simple of all styles. One pattern can create an entire wardrobe for kids. Novices need the instructions and can achieve the same goal.


You need to understand sizing of smocked dresses for a baby. Patterns and clothing usually cover a range of months. You have to choose the pattern range that best fits the age of the child you are sewing for. The rule for sizing of smocked baby clothes is to purchase or make clothing that can be grown into.

DR 961

The first pattern option you choose to make smocked dresses is a pre-made pattern. These are best suited for sewers who are inexperienced, or for sewers who are uncomfortable with or unable to make a pattern by hand. Your second option to make smocked dresses for girl is making a pattern freehand, with a pencil and a paper bag.

DR 1534

Cut the paper bag open and lay it out flat. Lay the baby on the bag so that the shoulders and below are on the bag. Gently extend the baby’s arms out to the sides and outline them from shoulder to wrist. Next, gently extend the baby’s legs and outline from the armpits to the ankles. When you are finished, cut away the excess paper. Separate the sleeves from the dress portion.

How to select outfits for your toddler

Selecting clothes for your children is a quite enjoyable job. As your baby grows your main concern when buying clothes will be that they’re comfortable and during he’s more active he can movement easily. Your baby will no longer spend most of the time asleep and as he starts to move about more he’s going to need more clothes.

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When your baby begin moving you need prepare some clothes that are necessary for him. They will have to be suitable for various weather conditions (rain, cold, sun) and they’ll also have to be tough enough to withstand the wear and tear that your toddler will give them. Once he can crawl he’ll need sturdy protection for his knees and once he can walk he’ll need shoes to protect his feet. You can choose smocked clothing for your toddler because they are easy wear, comfortable and excitative imagination of your toddler. They includes of smocked pants set, smocked dress, smocked suit, smocked bubble