DR 1924BB263a

Lovely anchor smocked bishop dress – DR 1924

Feature: So lovely smocked bishop dress for little girl on Independence Day with anchor hand smocked pattern around the neck, buttons at back for easy dressing. Children will look so adorable and beautiful when wearing. Navy big stripe seersucker is so suitable for the 4th of July. With 100% cotton, baby will feel so comfortable in dress!

Supply type: OEM service

Technic: Hand smocked

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6 girls smocked dresses that every baby girl likes (Part 1)

Any little girl always would like to wear beautiful dresses, so girls smocked dresses are always great gifts for angels. Today, I will introduce to mothers 6 smocked dresses that every baby girl wants to have. Are you ready to read and get interesting information?

DR 1766

  1. Rosalina smocked dress

DR 1596

Little girls smocked dress with nice design will be wonderful gift for your angels. Lovely geometric and pink flower hand smocked on the chest create highlight for baby smocked dress. Peter pan collar with flower make dress more beautiful and gentle. Two cute pockets make dress more attractive and children will love them very much. Short sleeve and buttons at back help baby be easy to put on and take off. With lime green gingham, baby looks so cool and fresh.

  1. Smocked pumpkin dress

DR 1729

Girls Smocked pumpkin dress is also nice design that every little girls likes. Lovely pumpkin train hand smocked around the neck makes smocked bishop dress so attractive. Children will look so perky in orange gingham material. With wide form design, children can be comfortable in movement.

  1. Son and yoke smocked dress

DR 1630



Lovely smocked maxi dress is special design for sweet girls. Colorful flowers hand smocked pattern on the chest and adorable ties at back make girl dress so lovely. Small pink chevron will turn your girl into candy girl, she will look so beautiful and sweet.

What are the next designs? Please wait and read the next post to catch nice baby girls smocked dresses!

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Some ways take care of girls smocked clothing (part 2)

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You knew take good care of girls smocked clothing is important job at babeenivn.mystagingwebsite.com. Now day, I give you addition of other tips to help you taking care of girls smocked clothing right way.

taking care of baby clothes

DR 1036

  • Dry your smocked baby outfits in the sun. This will make sure that all the germs and bacteria in the clothes will be killed and it will also give a fresh feel to the clothes.
  • Soaking your baby’s clothes in warm water before washing is also advisable. This will remove all the dust and kill all germs.
  • Keep your girls smocked clothing after washing in a separate, clean place. This will make sure that the clothes will remain germ-free till next use.

Once the task of washing girls smocked dresses are complete you should also make sure that they are completely dried. You should avoid using the cloths with hooks and prefer clothes with buttons. As hooks come out quite often while washing, they may hurt your baby.

Some steps wearing girls smocked clothing for girl baby

Unless the temperature is hot your newborn will need few girls smocked clothing to keep her warm. It’s generally best to dress her in an undershirt and diapers, covered by kid smocked pajamas or a dressing gown and then wrap her in a receiving smocked blanket.


If your baby is premature, she may need still another layer of clothing until her weight reaches that of a full-term baby and her body is better able to adjust to changes in temperature. In hot weather you can reduce her clothing to a single layer. A good rule of thumb is to dress the baby in one more layer of clothing than you are wearing to be comfortable in the same environment. Below, some steps wearing girls smocked clothing for girl:

  • Step 1: When dressing your girl baby, supporting her on your lap, stretch the garment neckline and pull it over your baby’s head. Use your fingers to keep it from catching on her face or ears.
  • Step 2: Don’t try to push your baby’s arm through the sleeve. Instead, put your hand into the sleeve from the outside, grasp your baby’s hand, and pull it through.
  • Step 3: When undressing, take off the sleeves one at a time while you support your baby’s back and head.
  • Step 4: Then stretch the neckline, lifting it free of your baby’s chin and face as you gently slip it off.